SPOILER WARNING:  This page contains the final images for WASGIJ? puzzles available from Simple Pastimes.  Click the BACK button now if you do not want to spoil the surprise!
Beauty Salon - Box Image
Beauty Salon - Puzzle Image
Bear Necessities - Box Image
Bear Necessities - Puzzle Image
Home Improvement - Box Image
Home Improvement - Puzzle Image
Soccer Madness - Box Image
Soccer Madness - Puzzle Image
Blooming Marvelous - Box Image
Blooming Marvelous - Puzzle Image
High Tide - Box Image
High Tide - Puzzle Image
River Rendezvous - Box Image
River Rendezvous - Puzzle Image
Plane Crazy - Box Image
Plane Crazy - Puzzle Image
Antiques Hunt - Box Image
Antiques Hunt - Puzzle Image
Sunday Drive - Puzzle Image
Sunday Drive - Box Image